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About Beeston.biz

Beeston Local Information and Business Directory - Picture of Statue in Beeston Town Centre

The aim of this website is to encourage greater communication and interaction between local people and businesses that are based in our town, near Nottingham. The growth of this information resource depends entirely upon contributions from locals and people who work in Beeston and the wider Nottingham area. For example, click here if you are looking for the local library's opening times

How Are The Pages Of www.beeston.biz organised?

Updates are made as often as possible, and you will find an - A-Z Directory - list of local businesses, with each business also being added to a menu section arranged by the type of service that is offered (for example, as well as finding 'Courses For Cooks' a cookery school in Beeston, under the letter 'C' in the A-Z directory, you will also find it in the section for 'Courses and Training').

Social activities, information of local interest and items for sale are also added to sections of this website such as the Sports / Social pages, the Local History page and the Items For Sale page.

How to 'Be Listed on Beeston.biz'

If you run a local business and would like to be included within this website please contact us as soon as possible - - whether you'd like a standard entry for only a few pounds or an eye-catching 'flash banner' like local company Cabline Taxis, we can help. Animated banners like theirs are ideal for businesses who want to advertise with even greater exposure (since adding their banner, visitors to the Cabline website have increased by 70%!) than a standard entry offers.