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Recent Event: Sheep Racing Hailed A Great Success By Cat!

Independent Review by Andy (Beeston.biz Website Editor).
On Monday 31 January, an evening of 'Sheep Racing' was held at The Lion Pub in Basford, Nottingham city centre. The battery powered competitors waddled, staggered, bleated and in truth, wandered their way from the start to the finish line - cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd of punters!

Each guest was asked to invest just £2.50 and in return received a betting slip together with a wad of 'Sheepy Money' in various denominations - the attention to detail was superb! - to wager on the evening's six separate races. It became clear that with only one prize available for the overall winner, all winnings would inevitably be returned to the charity's enthusiastic volunteer 'Bookies' and bet upon the final race of the evening.

Nottingham Charity Events and Fundraisers - Relay For Life 2011 Cancer Research Recent Event Picture 2

At my table, the conversation centred around the fact that despite the numbered and coloured jackets being swapped from 'Sheep' to 'Sheep' before the start of each race in order to keep us guessing which would be the victor, the runners with the outside lanes (position 1 or position 6 - click on pictures for larger versions) were seemingly unstoppable and romping home to win every time. And so it was that there was much scoffing and raised eyebrows when our friend Cat decided to pitch all of her winnings so far on 'her favourite number 3' for the final showdown!

As the Bookies took the final bets and we wandered to the viewing area, our confidence was immediately shaken when we discovered that the organisers had not only swapped the jackets this time around, but also the starting positions had been randomised! Sure enough, the worst performer of the night so far ('Sheep' number 3) ran out the winner, and so did Cat, who maintained that she'd never won anything in her life before!

A great night was had by all and with the free food on the bar, a popular raffle with various prizes and a team of dedicated volunteers all working to make sure the event ran smoothly, a running total of £150 was announced as we made our way back to into the cold night air at closing time. Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to a successful evening. Ed.

Thanks also go to Maruba Events (who provided assistance - and the sheep!) for Mondays event. Their website is at www.maruba-events.com