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Items For Sale in Beeston

Furniture, Clothes, Second Hand Vehicles and Cars, Sports Gear And More!

This page advertises a range of second hand goods for sale - please scroll down to view all of the items that are available. All items are for collection only unless otherwise stated - but all items are offered in the local area - Beeston, Ilkeston or South Nottinghamshire.

Rebecca from Sneinton writes:
'Thanks to your website reader who sold me a pair of very comfy suede style bean bag 'chairs' via your site - great value and just what I need until I can afford to buy a new sofa!'

Nottingham Plants For Sale - Tomatoes Ready For Collection

Tomato Plants For Sale: Complete With Grow Bag

Central Beeston, collection only:
Only £4 for a grow bag and 3 individually potted, organically grown tomato plants. Only £10 for 3 gro-bags and 9 plants. Pepper plants (red, yellow, orange) and other seedlings also available. Ready for collection in Central Beeston now. Please contact us on 922 5413 or email info@beeston.biz for details.

Grow your own fruit and veg this Summer! Click on picture for larger version.

Sold Item: Football Table / Ping Pong Table: Sold By This Page!

Local resident Emily says:
'Thank you so much for helping us to sell our football table. I was surprised how quickly it sold - in less than 2 weeks! It now has a happy new home. I wouldn't hesitate to advertise through Beeston Biz again'.

Nottingham Items For Sale - Table Football Game Table in Beeston Rylands Nottingham Items For Sale - Table Tennis Table in Beeston Rylands

Golf Equipment For Sale [Second Hand]

Advertise your used golf gear here - it is free of charge. I might even buy it myself, so get in touch!

Are you a beginner or a pay and play golfer finding that you lose balls as soon as you buy them and becoming annoyed at the expense? I can help!

Lake Balls For Sale: Bargain Second Hand Golf Balls

I'm offering cheap second hand Golf Balls - all made by 'Top Flite' and in goof condition. Ideal for beginners or intermediate standard golfers.

Nottingham Golf Sale - Cheap Golf Balls For Sale

Cost: Only £5 For 24 Golf Balls! That's about 20p per ball!!

Please Contact: Andy on 0115 922 5413 or - - for more information.

Click on the picture on the right for a larger version of the image.

Nottingham Cheap Golf Balls For Sale

New! Check Out Our Nottingham Golf Facebook Group Here! - Post your availability for playing golf, find new people to play golf with, meet new friends or share tips and money saving ideas.

Please Contact: Andy on 0115 922 5413 or - - for more information.

Buyer to collect from Beeston town centre - unless I happen to passing your door on the way to the golf club of course!

Please see also: Our Golf Clubs and Golf Courses Page - for details of our friendly and welcoming 'golf society' group.

Advertise your item for sale in Beeston here - Free of Charge !!

At the moment we are offering advertising on this page completely free of charge for anyone local to Beeston, in Nottingham - but we reserve the right to include [or not include] your item or items, according to our discretion.

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From Heather in Chilwell
'Just letting you know the Word Processor sold ... It's off to Blackpool to a freelance writer. Thanks to Beeston Biz!

From Sarah and Jon [who sold 2 large units and a set of Denby crockery via this page]
'Thank you for making selling our crockery and our media cabinets from The Pier so easily and so quickly! Looking forward to selling our sofabunk soon thanks to beeston.biz!'

From Andy who sold a cement mixer, some golf equipment and some other miscellaneous items
'Recycling rather than just throwing second hand stuff away is very important to me so I was delighted to find new homes for some of the things that were in good condition, but otherwise gathering dust in my garage!'