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Find New Friends in Nottingham

What's This Page All About?

New: the following link will take you to our badminton club's list of forthcoming off-court activities - with players and club members of all ages, both sexes and many different backgrounds, this schedule of social events is quite varied (and you don't have to play badminton or know anyone who does to join us). Click Here For The Latest Social Activities Calendar

Below, there are some ideas for meeting people in South Nottinghamshire - perhaps you are planning to study here, or you are relocating or moving to Nottingham and want some quick and easy ways to meet new friends? If you have a social group or know of any other good ways to meet new people, including but not just in Beeston or the South Notts suburbs, don't keep it to yourself - email !

One of the most successful parts of the beeston.biz website is the Sports / Social clubs section - loads of people have contacted us to join the new ten pin bowling and football teams, or tell us about the classes they attend in the area. The local Golf Courses page is one of the most popular within the website, and the same is true of the Martial Arts page. See also - badminton club - pages and the information about the informal - tennis club in South Nottingham - both welcoming new members.

Ideas For Meeting New People

Websites like this one and the sports clubs and social groups/clubs they support (like those mentioned above) rely on people participating, not just browsing through pages on the web. Luckily we have more than a dozen volunteers who organise our events and sports clubs - but we always have room for more helpers if you have a bit of spare time! Some of the following are examples of other websites that will only work for you if you get involved:

  • Facebook - register and join the Nottingham network, the world's largest social network also works on a local level and joining local 'Group' pages can be a good way to meet new people
  • Nottingham IVC - weekly meeting plus many social events and activities organised by members, for members [non-profit making].
  • Gumtree Nottingham - offering classified advertisements [free of charge] Gumtree is a useful website for finding just about anything. Ryan recommended this, and he says 'I've used it to find musicians for my band and get dates. You can do so much more with it and there's lots of different categories and sub categories to advertise in.' Most of the towns and cities in the UK can be found on Gumtree.

No doubt you know of some other useful social websites yourself? Please tell us about them!

Often people who are moving to the Nottingham area contact us ahead of their moving date - a number of footballers have done this, and many are now regular players in the Sunday League team that Beeston.biz run! The trouble with some football teams is that the current players keep themselves to themselves and are not too welcoming to new players - our Beeston.biz FC Football Team could not be more different!

There is a great deal of interest locally in meeting new people and making new social contacts - but what if you hate sports, don't want to be the next 'Hong Kong Phooey' and just want to find some new drinking buddies?! It couldn't be easier - email !

*Protecting your contact details - please be assured that we don't give out any contact details to anyone unless it is agreed to beforehand. We don't send spam email messages to people whose contact details we have, and we don't try to sell you anything - this is a genuine opportunity to tell us who you are and what you're interested in, so that we can try to find other like-minded people.

Nottingham Trent Twins and Multiple Births Club

This local support group / club has been established for over 30 years. Providing support and friendship to families with multiple birth children (twins, triplets, or even quads!) the NTT&MBC runs monthly daytime meetings for pre-school twins. There are regular meetings based in places like Carlton, Rise Park, West Bridgford and West Nottingham (the latter covers Beeston, Chilwell and Wollaton).

Monthly themed meetings are also held in the evenings - for example, one meeting featured a speaker on special educational needs. Social events are organised, such as outings, picnics, shared 'pot luck' suppers, theatre trips and of course a Christmas Party and Pantomime trip. Most importantly the Nottingham Trent Twins and Multiple Births Club (a registered charity) produces a quarterly newsletter which goes out to all members (approximately 120 families). Click on the image below for more information.

Nottingham Trent Twins and Multiple Births Club - Click For Website

262 Regiment Reunion

Recently, there was a reunion at Bosworth Hall Hotel [Market Bosworth, Leicestershire] for former members of the 262 Signal Regiment based in Cyprus. Smudge Smith, of Beeston, was a member of the regiment in 1964 and many of his former pals will be meeting again next year for a reunion dinner.

Please view more details if you would like more information about the Regiment Reunions, or send a message to -

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