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South Nottinghamshire Sports and Social Activities

More South Notts Sports and Social News Wanted!!

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Nottingham Badminton / Tennis Club Logo

Badminton or Tennis Players Wanted (Beginners Welcome)

A steadily increasing number of players are joining our group and play badminton or tennis on weekday evening(s) after work - mixed doubles or singles matches of a beginner / intermediate standard. Venues will normally be a local School Hall or Leisure Centre for badminton and either the free tennis courts in Bramcote, or at Nottingham University, or at Nottingham Tennis Centre on University Boulevard (cost per player only about 3 pounds per hour). Basic equipment can be provided, and we are a very welcoming club so a lack of ability is not necessarily a problem!

If you are interested please see - badminton club in South Nottingham area - (Important Note For Badminton Enquiries: Please Read The FAQ Section On This Page), or have a look at the - tennis club in Nottingham - page, or contact one of the following email addresses:

Beeston Cycling Club

This friendly club is keen to encourage healthy participation in the sport of cycling. With a wide and varied membership of different local people, all abilities and age groups are catered for - please see the cycling club page - for more details and a website link.

Beeston Book Club : Members' Library Bookcase

Book Club / Book Reading Group - Both Based in Beeston and Chilwell!

Please - view the book clubs - page for some extra information.

Golf Is Great Fun And Not Just For Snobs!

Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in Europe, with great value equipment now widely available in both mainstream sports shops and specialist outlets. Almost all of the established - Golf Courses in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire - open to non-members.

Cheap Golf Discount Rates Nottingham - Discount Voucher Website

Even beginners and 'pay as you go' amateur golfers are now able to gain access to some of the oldest and most historic clubs in the country without feeling out of place or unwelcome. Websites such as - VoucherMania - include vouchers for golf gear and highlight the discounted rates that are available for green fees at many of the golf courses in the area.

Readers of this page meet regularly (at least once per week) throughout the year to play golf. We're not very good at playing golf (my most recent scores were 102, 92, 110 and 117!) but we always have a great laugh and enjoy a good walk and some fresh air! Sometimes we play nine holes on a course suitable for beginners, or we go somewhere a little more challenging - but we've helped complete novices around those golf courses too! Please see also - Local Golf Courses - page for details of some of our favourite clubs.

Next Golf: This Week!

New! Check Out Our Nottingham Golf Facebook Group Here! - Post your availability for playing golf, find new people to play golf with, meet new friends or share tips and money saving ideas.

A number of players (mostly beginners but some of intermediate / club standard) regularly meet at Cotgrave Golf Club, Chilwell Manor Golf Course or at Trent Lock Golf Course in Sawley / Long Eaton (the 9 hole course there has no dress code and is a very friendly place to enjoy a couple of hours playing golf). This weekend will be no different, and if you are able to take a couple of hours off work in the afternoon we'll be playing golf on weekdays throughout the year (even in winter) too.

Beeston Dot Biz Friendly Local Golf Club

Our 'Beeston Golf Society' now has almost 20 members - Why not join us?. Anyone, from anywhere, is welcome to join us - you don't have to live in Beeston (our current members live in Nottingham city centre, Attenborough, Beeston, Beeston Rylands, Bingham, Chilwell, Cotgrave and as far afield as Peterborough and Cambridgeshire).

Send An Email - - to join our 'informal golf society'.

Got No Clubs But Want To Try It? - We'll even lend you some spare clubs and we won't care how many balls you lose - and yes, girls can play too.

Girls Can Play Golf! - Not convinced? Rumour has it that one of our female golfers played nine holes with two men recently and beat them both! And she played off the men's tees so it was a win, fair and square!

Beeston.biz Ladies FC - Girls Can Play Footy Too!

Jules is running a girls' football team with players from the Beeston, Carlton and Chilwell areas of Nottingham (players from any part of the city or its surrounding areas are welcome). Please see:
Nottingham Ladies Football - page for more details.

Don't like football? Not interested in what you find on this page? - Why not use this page and this website to set up a team playing your favourite sport or enjoying the same social activity as you? It has worked for us, why can't it work for you?

Martial Arts in Beeston

The growth in the popularity of martial arts is not lost on the people of Beeston, with a number of local clubs specialising in everything from karate to kung fu, tai chi to kick boxing. Please see - Martial Arts in South Nottinghamshire - page for more information.

Trent Vale Squash Club - South Road, Beeston

Louise wrote to the editor of this website to introduce this friendly local squash club in Beeston. She says,
'We have leagues, men's and women's teams and a club night on the last Monday of each month. We have 100 members and would welcome more of all levels. We used to be the siemens club and are now independent. Please see - www.trentvale.org.uk - for more information.'

Tenpin Bowling Team Needs More Interest

We now have a tenpin bowling team playing in a handicap league once per week. Please see:
Ten Pin Bowling page.