Nottingham Tennis Club – Weekday Evenings at Nottingham Tennis Centre, University Boulevard (NG7 2QH).

Tennis on Tuesdays!

We’re currently playing tennis near Beeston, Chilwell and Nottingham every Tuesday evening – typically from 7pm onwards. Everyone is welcome to join us!

Please see also tennis on other days of the week further down on this page.

Probably Nottingham’s Most Informal Tennis ‘Club’

Currently charging no membership fees, we believe we are one of the most friendly and accessible places that you can play tennis in the Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire area.

How Much Does It Cost?

Only £3 per player per evening. That’s not per hour – that’s for as long as you’d like to play (subject to us having a court or courts booked for that long of course!)

Where Do You Play?

Unless there is a tournament on at the moment we book either 1 or 2 courts at the Nottingham Tennis Centre on University Boulevard every Tuesday evening throughout the year.

How To Join In – Email Us Now –

That’s all you have to do. We have a WhatsApp text group that we use to organise and inform everyone about the exact times and court bookings – but we also have players who don’t use smart phones!

How Old Are Your Typical Players?

We don’t have any age limits – except that for reasons of insurance and council regulation, you must be a minimum of 18 years old. Our oldest player is 70! Most players are probably in their 20s or 30s, some in their 40s – but we don’t ask, so we don’t know!

What’s The Standard Of Tennis Like?

To be honest, it varies! Some of our best (or more confident) players like to play a bit of singles sometimes, but usually we even things out and always manage to have some good games by playing mixed doubles and trying to mix up the abilities as well.

What If I Am A Beginner, Does It Matter?

No, but if you have no ‘hand eye’ co-ordination, you will probably struggle to enjoy it. We don’t have any coaching available (but we can point you in the right direction if that’s what you are looking for) and we don’t usually waste much time practicing before we start a game.

How Competitive Is It?

Again, to be honest, it does vary – some evenings we play at a better standard than other times – but if you’ve ever played outdoor tennis in this country, you’ll know that the wind can be a great leveller too!

Do we care who wins? Not really, but we do keep score! And we always try to win every point – so whilst we are very open to newcomers (several this year already) we will expect you to try!

How Do I Know I’ll Enjoy It?

A lot of people say to me, if I come down, will I look silly or will I embarrass myself! To which I always reply a most definite no, you will be fine! As stated above, if you simply cannot hit a tennis ball then you’ll struggle – but if you have a little bit of ability you should really enjoy yourself.

We often have players who join us that have not played since they were at school years ago, or people who have had long term injuries, or people who are just visiting Nottingham whilst on a course or teaching at one of the Universities or colleges! Some of these return to join us again the following summer, or sometimes years after we last saw them, next time they are in town! This is the best testament to our success – people who’ve moved away from the area often contact me months later to say ‘if only there was a tennis club like yours here!’

How To Join In And Play Tennis

Please contact – – for more details. Everybody is welcome, regardless of tennis playing ability, sex or age group – we’ll fit you in to our next tennis session if at all possible. The Tuesday night sessions are open for all – everybody is welcome to come along, but it is good to know how many newcomers to expect on any given week.

Tennis on Thursdays! Tennis on Fridays! Weekend Tennis! Midweek Tennis on Wednesdays!

We’re always looking to play tennis on other days of the week – so please get in touch! At the moment, it suits most of our players to meet up on Tuesdays, but we often play on Thursdays too and sometimes at the weekends – whenever you are available, you can use our ‘WhatsApp Group’ to post your suggested time and place to see if anyone else can join you!

Other Sports and Activities!

Please get in touch or see our Badminton Page if you are interested in other ways to get active, enjoy some fairly competitive sport or just meet new people here in the East Midlands!